A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to the Performance, Promotion and Preservation of Traditional Jazz

Food & Drinks


During our Sunday dances each month, the Elks Lodge bar is open from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Lodge also provides cans of soft drinks and bottles of water, all available for purchase.

Photo by Don Abel

Throughout our Sunday dances, the Elks Lodge serves light sandwiches, desserts and popcorn, all available for purchase. Once a year, the Elks Lodge serves BBQ chicken, hot dogs and burgers, all available for purchase.

No outside food is allowed during our events:

Because the Elks Lodge depends on these sales to help support the lodge's overhead & operations, they request that no outside food or beverages be brought into the Lodge when we rent the space for our events.

Please see SBTJS Sunday Events for more information about our monthly dance programs.