A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to the Performance, Promotion and Preservation of Traditional Jazz

SBTJS Jazz Dance Sessions 2021

Notice of Event Change:

The Elks Lodge will continue to be closed until further notice during 2021, so there will be no  Jazz Dance Sessions until restrictions are lifted.  

Please check the SBTJS website, or our FaceBook page for the most updated information. 

Several groups are doing live concerts throughout the Bay Area on street corners, front yards, parks and online. Check the FaceBook page to find out when and where!

We thank you for your understanding and support.

1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Sunnyvale Elks Lodge*
375 North Pastoria Avenue
Sunnyvale, California

Non-Members: $10
Members: $8

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See the Band Schedule for musicians scheduled throughout 2019, plus a sample of their performances on YouTube.

See Session Details for more information about our monthly dance program and raffle.

Learn about our volunteer Jammers and the songs they will play during the two guest band breaks at this event.

Sandwiches, snacks, bottled water and beverages are available. There is a full bar near the dance floor for those over 21.

You will see couples, families and singles from all age groups at our events. We welcome cultural diversity and attendees from all backgrounds. 

*We rent the Elks' dance floor. We are not affiliated with the Elks organization.